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Powder making machine use and maintain

Powder making machine use and maintain, you need to comply with the following:

1. Strictly under the rule to operate the machine. Widen the roll clearance before starting the machine, when material is entered the machine and adjust the roll clearance to normal.
2. The powder grinding machine has a high capacity changing with the roll clearance, so the firmness of transporting belt is being paid more attention especially.
3. Before starting the machine, the sundries inner or surrounding machine should be removed. Use hand to move each part, check veebelt, the tense degree of chain and whether each fixed parts are tighten and the lubrication is normal. For hydraulic and air pressure machines, the hydraulic and air pressure system is normal is also needed to check instead of damage.
4. The problem of belt deflection and sliding can be measured by frequent looking and smelling. Rosin can be spilled on belt and loose the roll clearance properly. If the lapping sound is appearing, it means that part of belt is tripping out and machine should be stopped immediately for repairing.
5. The stoppage of bearing can reflect on wear and tear of bearing or bushing block,
6. The roller should be replaced by plans without mass new wiredrawing roller in case of lower craft changing rapidly.
7. Hold induced draft pipe influent and check the pulverized powder deposited in pipe immediately and periodically.
8. If the gear noise is too large, the reason maybe lay in the tilt equipping of gear box, unbalance between grinding roller and driving wheel, lacking of lubrication oil, incorrect gear tooth profile or too wear and tear, etc.
9. When grinding, material should be uniformly distributed on the whole length of grinding roller, and when the material is reducing or suddenly stopped, grinding roller should be out of work immediately in case of damage.